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Who is superporndiscounts.com ?

We, like you, are pornographers who dislike paying full price for porn. In nutshell, we offer great deals for porn memberships and subscriptions – all the cheap porn rate. We work with largest pornographic companies as well as several smaller ones. We must be getting better at it, as we frequently reduce the price by up to 70% – 100%! Read more below in our FAQ – superporndiscounts.com.

We often write about latest developments in pornographic industry on our NaughtyBlog page. Covering various topics like premium adult studios, sex toys, LGBT rights & even more great cheap porn deals.

How does discount work?

That is an excellent question, and the answer varies according to the particulars of a pornographic enterprise. Certain businesses have large quantity of resources (movies produced and bandwidth on sites) so they capitalize on price breaks. When they have an excess of bandwidth, they sell discounted memberships to compensate for the unused bandwidth. To entice you to stay as a customer for an extended period of time, large and mid-sized businesses offer annual membership discounts. Allowing you access to the members area is a great way for small businesses to convince you of the value of their various pornographic content.

What exactly is the point of lifetime memberships?

Pornographic companies want you to remain a member for an extended period of time. They are simply looking for quality work from us. As a result, we combine the two principles into one grand concept by offering you a substantial discount for the duration of your membership and working them into a frothy mess. However, when it comes to our wrists, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Do I need to copy/paste coupons or sign up for newsletters?

That will not happen! To begin, simply locate a deal that interests you and click the Buy Now or Join Here buttons. No copying, pasting, or clipping required!

The discount I’m looking for has expired! What options am I left with?

If there is no time limit, our partners will not allow us to discount their goods. Before resetting the clock after the discount has expired, our server checks to see if the pornographic website is still offering it. This task is typically completed in less than a minute. Refresh the page to verify that the clock is working properly.

I clicked on ‘Buy Now’ button and discount isn’t applied?

It is highly improbable that a discount will expire without our knowledge. The most frequently encountered cause is an issue with your browser’s cookies or cache. If the discounted price does not appear on the enter tab, try clearing your browser’s cookies for the website in question. Numerous plugins/extensions are available for this purpose.

Occasionally, clearing your cookies is insufficient. It is possible that you are viewing an incorrectly priced cached page. If this is the case, we recommend that you visit this page for instructions on how to clear the cache in your browser. If that does not resolve your issue, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Are you going to spam me or sell my contact information to third parties?

We do not spam, but we may send you sweet nothings in your inbox from time to time advertising our best deals, newest deals, and other money-saving offers. No one will ever have access to your private information. If you are being spammed, it is not our fault!

What if I had a negative experience with one of my transactions?

Although it is preferable to contact the company from which you purchased the deal, we may be able to assist you in some cases, particularly if we made an error, such as posting an incorrect price on our website. The contact information for the various organizations with which we work is typically located at the bottom of their join pages. Bear in mind that the billing company’s contact information may differ from the contact information for the website you entered. Billers are perpetually clueless when it comes to deals or anything else. As a result, you should always make an attempt to contact the website’s webmaster first.

Is there a cap on the number of discounts I can use?

Each discount can be used only once. Therefore, if you’re just getting started with a new site, opt for the smallest discount we offer, which is typically per month. Consider upgrading to a lifetime membership if you enjoy the platform and want to really get your stroke on!

Will I always be billed in United States dollars?

Certain pages are translated into regional currencies, such as EUR, for those located in Europe. It will vary depending on the transaction. We list our prices in USD for the United States.
If a transfer occurs, the currency in which the payment is made will remain clearly specified on the sign-up page.

Final conclusion

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